Our patented Cat-HTR technology chemically recycles end-of-life plastics, producing valuable hydrocarbon feedstocks


ReNew ELP’s Cat-HTR process uses water at supercritical conditions to convert a range of feedstocks into stable hydrocarbons that can be further processed into new plastic production or other valuable petrochemicals.

The patented technology is unique when compared to every other plastic conversion process, as it uses water as the ‘agent of change’.   When water is heated and pressurised into the supercritical state it exhibits physical/chemical properties that are utilised within the process.

  • Supercritical water is an ‘organic solvent’ allowing the plastic and hydrocarbon products to disperse within it, whilst having a lower solubility for salts such that they precipitate and can be removed.
  • Supercritical water effectively acts as ‘molecular scissors’ which crack the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastics.
  • Hydrogen is then donated from the water to the reaction products, leading to more stable and saturated product which can be stored longer and is easier to transport

The heat and pressure in the reactor rapidly breaks down the polymeric bonds creating short-chain, stable, useful hydrocarbons. During the reaction, water molecules are split, and the hydrogen released is used to complete the ends of the broken polymeric bond.   The use of water in this manner promotes generation of stable products.

The Cat-HTR reaction process generates a mixed hydrocarbon product that is passed through a distillation unit which separates the water from the hydrocarbon products (Naphtha, Diesel, Vacuum Gas Oil, Waxes, Heavy wax residues and high calorific process gas).

The gas fraction is utilised as an energy source for supercritical steam generation within the process while liquid products are transferred to product storage tanks before shipment to the customer.

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