Anna Turley, MP for Redcar and Cleveland, has learned how an innovative new technology can hold the key to plastic recycling during a visit to ReNew ELP. 

ReNew ELP is deploying a unique breakthrough technology, Catalytic Hydrothermal Reaction (Cat-HTR), to chemically recycle end-of-life plastics into valuable oils and petrochemical products. The plastic recycling technology will help to address the global problem of single-use and end-of-life plastic disposal and contribute to the UK’s goal to establish a circular economy. 

During her visit, Ms Turley met with senior managers at ReNew ELP’s new UK headquarters at the Wilton Centre, to discuss how the company’s breakthrough plastic recycling technology can help to solve the global problem with waste plastic and how its investment will contribute to the local Tees Valley economy. 

Anna Turley MP said: “I was really pleased to meet with ReNew ELP to hear about their innovative solution to the global problem of end-of-life plastic disposal by recycling it into valuable oils and petrochemical products. The company is bringing new jobs and groundbreaking new technologies to Redcar that will contribute to Teesside’s industrial renaissance.” 

ReNew ELP is building the first commercial-scale Cat-HTR plant at the Wilton International site, a multi-million pound investment which will initially create around 30 permanent staff roles and increased work for the local Construction Industry, bringing further Investment to Teesside.  

The patented Cat-HTR process uses water at high pressure and high temperatures to chemically recycle a wide range of feedstocks – including end-of-life plastics – into stable synthetic oils and valuable chemicals. 

The plant will initially recycle approximately 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastic per annum but ReNew ELP has planning consent for a further three Cat-HTR units, with a potential total processing capacity of 80,000 tonnes per annum. 

Richard Daley, Managing Director, ReNew ELP, said: “We were thrilled to welcome Anna to our new headquarters to hear about our innovative technology and our plans for the Tees Valley area.  

“Around 6% of global oil and gas output is currently used in the production of plastics annually but only 5% is currently recycled. Much of the remainder ends up in landfill, equating to a loss of valuable resources worth £70 billion per year. 

“Our patented technology chemically recycles end-of-life plastics into a low carbon synthetic oils and valuable chemicals and waxes, recovering value from waste plastic.  

“The process achieves in just 20 minutes what it takes nature 200 million years and will help to recycle resources from thousands of tonnes of plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill, incinerated or pollute our environment.” 

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