On 4th June, ReNew ELP Managing Director Richard Daley and Business Development Manager William Thompson attended Chemical Recycling Europe’s event for 2019, held in Brussels – the European Chemical Recycling Conference: Challenges and Opportunities, which was supported by Polymer Comply Europe (PCE).

Chemical Recycling Europe aims to develop relationships between industry players and technologies, whilst enhancing collaboration with EU institutions. Companies within the chemical recycling industry created the organisation to promote plastic recycling technology, and to influence resources policy in the EU – and ReNew ELP are founder members.

Chemical Recycling Europe has five overall targets:
  • Offer sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges of recycling
  • Protect nature by transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource
  • Endlessly recycle plastic waste by transforming it back into its components
  • Save CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of our industry
  • Reduce landfilling by offering sustainable end-of-life options for all plastic waste

Around 150 key industry people attended the conference, including those from waste management companies, waste handlers, recyclers, technologies and EU governmental bodies. The main aim of the conference was to discuss raising awareness of chemical recycling, which has the tendency to be viewed as a niche technology, and the importance of  using it to complement existing mechanical recycling processes. The message of the conference was that chemical recycling should be viewed as a tool to build on current recycling techniques and plans – not challenge or replace. Targets for EU recycling levels were also outlined, and progress so far reviewed.

A clear message that came from the conference was the need to look at creating a circular plastics economy model – focussing on continual re-use of resource, rather than just a singular re-use of plastic items. ReNew ELP’s technology is able to keep end-of-life plastics in continual use – with the feedstocks that result from the process useable in the production of new polymers.

A number of key speakers presented their research, technologies and proposals, including ReNew ELP’s Managing Director Richard Daley.

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