Monday 15th June saw ReNew ELP and the Cat-HTR™ technology raised in the House of Commons by our constituent MP Jacob Young. Present also was Rebecca Pow, Environment Minister, who also mentioned ReNew ELP as a technology to help tackle the problem of plastic waste. Jacob shares the viewpoint that plastic per se is not the cause of the plastic pollution problem – the management and incorrect recycling of waste plastic alongside a lack of recognised value of the material is the cause. New technologies such as Cat-HTR™ should be employed alongside traditional mechanical recycling in a complementary approach, reducing unnecessary single-use plastic and entering plastic into a circular economy.

ReNew ELP are developing the first commercial scale Cat-HTR™ technology at Wilton in Teesside, within Jacob’s constituency. On Friday 12th June, he shared a conference call with our Managing Director Richard Daley, Non-Executive Director Geoff Brighty and Marketing Manager Kim West to discuss the regulatory barriers in the way of further development of chemical recycling, alongside inclusion in the Environment Bill, in advance of Jacob’s comments in the House of Commons.

Jacob is a passionate, local individual who’s Maiden Speech impressed his drive to improve both local industry and economy. He built his early career in the chemical industry at Sabic, and is very keen to champion innovative technologies that will place the Teesside area on the map as pioneers in plastic recycling.


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