ReNew ELP are excited to announce that Dr Geoff Brighty has joined the team as Non-Executive Director!

Dr Brighty is a sustainability consultant with a career spanning 30 years in the environmental protection and regulation sector. He is a published research scientist, with a PhD in Fish Reproduction and Aquaculture, and has over 20 publications to his name on environmental pollution issues and flood risk.

Hi early career in water authority led Geoff to understand that water environments were becoming increasingly degraded, and that the pressures they faced required both research and practical solutions.

From the fish farming environment, Geoff moved to research programme management. looking across all the policy and science areas related to environmental protection and management for the National Rivers Authority, and subsequently the Environment Agency – waste management and regulation, water quality, abstraction, chemical regulation, and flood risk. It was during this period in the mid 1990s that Geoff took on the leadership of an emerging area of science and policy – endocrine disruption – and led a series of research programmes that identified oestrogenic (feminising) chemicals discharged in sewage effluents.

After leaving his science and chemical regulatory role, in 2004 Geoff moved into the operational-facing part of the Environment Agency.  Here as a Deputy Director-Area Manager, he was responsible for waste, water regulation and flood risk management for an area stretching from Oxford to the East Coast, as well as customer facing work with local MPs and CEOs.

After leaving the Agency in 2014, Geoff established his sustainability consultancy working on environmental issues including flooding, water quality and climate change adaptation for Governments, universities and businesses. He also joined the NGO Plastic Oceans, where he led sustainability, science and policy activities for the release of the Foundation’s film A Plastic Ocean in 2017, and is currently Science Advisor. He is Trustee of the Rivers Trust, and the Norfolk Rivers Trust.

Geoff lives in Norfolk with his wife Ann and their Flat Coated Retriever and has 3 grown-up sons.

I am delighted to be joining ReNew ELP as a non-exec to help the team here establish this exciting technology within the UK.  Looking at what Government is wanting to achieve, there is clearly a need to bring more plastics up the waste hierarchy, and to get a greater value back from this important material. The approach ReNew is taking enables chemical recycling to play a growing part of the waste management solution, alongside existing technologies, and help ensure plastics placed on the market live within a circular economy.

-Dr Geoff Brighty


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