Chemical Recycling Europe is an organisation created by those within chemical recycling to promote the sector and influence EU resource policy and waste management, building relationships between industry, investment and emerging technologies. Their five main targets are:

  • Offer sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges of recycling
  • Protect nature by transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource
  • Endlessly recycle plastic waste by transforming it back into its components
  • Save CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of our industry
  • Reduce landfilling by offering sustainable end-of-life options for all plastic waste


FEAD is the representative body for the private waste management and resource industry. They recently published results of their analysis into chemical recycling, for which Chemical Recycling Europe would like to clarify some points, pertaining to:


1. Chemical recycling complements traditional mechanical recycling processes, and is part of a suite of existing and emerging technologies to treat the waste problem, with the advantage of being able to treat waste that is not economically viable via traditional mechanical recycling. Chemical recycling is a broader term to cover varying technologies.

2. ChemRecEurope welcomes the FEAD’s conclusion on the definition of recycling and the use of chemically recycled output product as fuels would be classed as energy recovery, not recycling.

3. The chemical recycling sector is committed to providing an independent LCA, as soon as industry enables this, to highlight and establish the value for the environment created by chemical recycling.

4. Chemical recycling is a scalable industry, with many commercial scale plants currently in development across Europe, with global partner recognition and investment.

5. Chemically recycled output product created from plastic feedstock should comply with legal provisions such as REACH.

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