In partnership with Plastic Oceans UK, combining research and technology to defend oceans and wildlife from plastic pollution

ReNew ELP have partnered with Plastic Oceans UK, an organisation focused on developing research into and raising awareness of the damage that plastic is having on our precious oceans, marine life, wildlife and human health through science, sustainability and education programmes.

Their vision is to stop plastic pollution reaching the environment within a decade. Plastic Ocean UK’s relationships with leading scientists ensure their research is underpinned by a scientific understanding, alongside real experience of plastic and its devastating effects on the natural world, which CEO Jo Ruxton has experienced first-hand during numerous research and filming trips.

Their award-winning documentary A Plastic Ocean (available on Netflix) was endorsed by Sir David Attenborough as being “one of the most important films of our time”, leading to the issue and scale of plastic pollution being covered by the BBC on their documentary, Planet Earth II.

The plastic pollution problem is complex and nuanced. There will be many different solutions, from better waste management to innovative products and services, and behaviour change. But there is a real challenge now facing communities on a global scale that are unable to deal with waste – which then gets in our oceans. We want environmental justice for them – and we want to get plastic back up the value chain so it’s not burnt or sent to into landfill.

We are therefore excited to work with Renew ELP and the application of Cat-HTR™ technology to scale up a chemical recovery process that will clean up these polluted environments, regain the value of materials and bring plastic waste up the waste hierarchy.

This could be a game changer in the effort to stop plastic reaching our oceans”.

Dr. Geoff Brighty
Plastic Oceans Technical Director

By partnering, ReNew ELP endeavour to reduce plastic waste leaking into natural systems, as part of a circular plastics economy.

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